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Discover our governance and leadership services:


Why choose Proxima?

We've worked with the leaders of many New Zealand, overseas and global companies who recognise that sustainability and positive impact strategies need to be integrated with core business.  Our practical experience enables decision-makers to maximise value creation potential and managing risks effectively.

Sustainability governance review

Proxima offers sustainability governance reviews to help large organisations assess their sustainability readiness, ambition, and performance. Our team has years of experience dealing with senior executives and board directors, and we’re well-placed to provide objective and independent guidance on how to improve your organisation's governance of sustainability progress. 

We can help you: 

  • Understand the most important elements of sustainability governance 

  • Assess your organisation's current sustainability governance practices 

  • Identify areas where your sustainability governance can be improved 

  • Develop a plan to improve your sustainability governance 

  • Implement your plan and track progress effectively


Executive coaching

Proxima offers executive coaching services to help leaders navigate the complex challenges of sustainability related decision-making and change management.  We are often called in to play the role of a critical friend to challenge thinking and inject the value of our wide experience.


Our coaches are senior sustainability professionals with a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities of sustainability transformation.  We’ve worked across all industry sectors in many parts of the world; knowledge we can use to accelerate your progress.


We offer our coaching services remotely or face-to-face and can: 

  • Provide an informed and objective perspective that helps you see things from different angles. 

  • Help you develop new skills and strategies for managing change sustainably. 

  • Be a friend to call when you need ideas, support and encouragement throughout the change process. 

Research and thought-leadership

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest"

Benjamin Franklin

As sustainability professionals, we’re continuously growing our knowledge across a full range of  sustainability disciplines, emerging trends and technical regulatory developments.  Putting our research to good use, we develop thought leadership content on these topics, such as blog posts, and presentations – both for ourselves and to help our clients maintain their position as leaders. 


Our research and thought leadership can be valuable to business leaders, governments, and individuals to inform strategy and make better decisions on a day-to-day basis. 

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