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Discover our sustainability and impact implementation services:


Why choose Proxima?

Our tight team of 8 has over 100 years of collective experience in the fields of sustainability, impact and systems change.  Our whole approach is founded upon providing qualified and practical expertise to senior leaders who want to make a difference with solutions that work.

Based on our experience, working with 100s of organisations across a wide range of sectors, we have identified 6 properties of sustainability leaders.  We can show you how to integrate these into your organisation; not by us doing it for you, but by helping you do it.

6 properties of sustainability leaders

Coaching and mentoring

Effective leaders understand the value of a good coach.  As a complex field that’s inextricably connected to systems-thinking, good sustainability decisions benefit from healthy challenge and considering wider perspectives.

Our executive coaching services help leaders navigate the complex challenges of decision-making and change management for sustainability.  We are often called in to play the role of a critical friend to challenge thinking and inject the value of our wide experience.  Our coaches are senior sustainability professionals with a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities of sustainability transformation.   ​

We offer our coaching services remotely or face-to-face and can help you: 

  • Gain perspective: provide an informed and objective view that helps you see things from different angles. 

  • Build capability: supporting you to develop new skills and strategies for managing change sustainably. 

  • Be confident: we are always there as a friend to call when you need ideas, support and encouragement. 

Interim CSO

We offer interim chief sustainability officer/manager services to help organisations of all sizes bridge the gap between a permanent CSO and the day-to-day operations of sustainability. Our experienced team can provide a variety of support, including:​


  • Developing and implementing sustainability strategies.

  • Managing sustainability projects.

  • Overseeing the integration of sustainable practices.

  • Educating and engaging your team about sustainability.

  • Reporting on sustainability and impact performance.


Proxima's Kat McDonald on-site at Crown as interim sustainability manager

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