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In the context of increasing mandatory sustainability disclosures around the world, our latest Proxima thinks! article dives into this rapidly expanding and evolving field to find out whether its actually making a difference.  What we found was a deeper need for transformation; not for more information, but better information.  Our conclusion is that urgency, technology and a state-driven vision are converging to accelerate a sustainable economic transition.

Sustainability reporting should be useful to drive better decisions by customers, investors and managers that support and accelerate the transformation to a thriving and sustainable future.  That's not happening, at least yet.

Read the article to find out how:

  • Mandatory disclosures are adding more cost than value without meaningfully influencing corporate behavior and providing the level of transparency required.

  • Whilst still not a perfect solution, the shift from traditional disclosures to more granular sustainability accounting is crucial for to provide more accurate, comparable and actionable data that will drive change more quickly.

  • Integrating AI, IoT, and blockchain technologies will support accurate, real-time data with genuine transparency for customers and investors; and more useful information for managers.

  • Business leaders in Aotearoa can leverage these insights to capitalise on the benefits of proving better sustainability performance by being ready and prepared.

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