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A Bit About Me


Calum Revfem

Executive director

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Calum is able to distil complex sustainability problems down to their core elements to enable effective understanding and communication about solutions. He has worked in environmental and sustainability management roles within government, NGO and business settings for over 20 years. Calum has helped his clients use sustainability reporting as a tool to understand their sustainability context, focus their efforts and drive accountability for achieving their goals. His technical expertise in using the GRI and Integrated Reporting frameworks is matched by his passion for realising people and organisation’s highest potential.


Calum lives in Tromsø where his family enjoys the stunning natural environment and close-knit community while exercising his passion for telemark skiing.

Things you should know about Calum:

  • GRI guru.

  • Calum is a connector – he seems to know almost everybody in New Zealand!

To get in touch, please send Calum an email.

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