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A Bit About Me

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Gautami Bhor

Sustainability consultant

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Gautami is a highly driven and passionate sustainability advocate. Originally from India, she was always interested in climate change, sustainable development, and what she could do to make things better in her own way. She transitioned into corporate sustainability from an IT engineering background to pursue her passion. She has extensive experience in research on climate change mitigation, youth perspectives on climate change and has also worked as a Sustainability Advisor in the field of individual climate action.

Gautami has worked with multiple clients across New Zealand on sustainability strategy, sustainability reporting and workshop facilitation.

Along with a passion for sustainability, she also loves food (especially chocolates), likes hiking, playing the guitar, spending time with friends and talking!

Things you should know about Gautami:

  • She loves having people over for a chat!

  • She is a certified Black belt (Dan I) in Taekwondo.

To get in touch, please send Gautami an email.

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