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Discover our capability and training services:


Why choose Proxima?

Building capability is what we do best, whether through applied learning courses, in-house training or working on consulting projects with our clients. 


Proxima is New Zealand’s only GRI certified training partner and provider of <IR> approved sustainability and integrated reporting training courses.  We were also New Zealand's first accredited partner for the Future-Fit Business Benchmark.

Certified GRI Standards: Sustainability reporting course

The GRI-certified course is a hands-on, interactive, applied learning adventure. 


The course provides participants with the knowledge and confidence to undertake a sustainability reporting process within their own or another organisation using the GRI Standards. The course includes an introduction to the GRI Standard reporting framework, core principles and critical steps in the reporting process.

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Training Partner Mark 2024
sustainability reporting series

Foundations of Integrated Reporting: One-Day Course


Embark on your Integrated Reporting (IR) journey with our engaging one-day course. This introductory training provides a practical understanding of IR essentials and their impact on organizational decision-making. This course lays the groundwork for those interested in IR, offering a springboard for further learning. While you won't become an IR expert in a day, you'll gain valuable insights into the 'why' of this approach and the critical importance of integrated thinking. For those eager to delve deeper, we offer an advanced follow-up course exploring IR theory and principles in greater detail.

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Strategy for sustainability and impact

A hands-on learning adventure for people and organisations that are serious about planning for sustainable value creation over the long-term.  Using proven frameworks and a unique team approach, this course will inform strategic decisions that shape the future.  You'll gain insights from tangible definitions of social and environmental sustainability; and take away practical approaches for stepping through a collaborative strategy development process.

“This course was massive value for money. A intensive two days packed full of thoughtful, practical ways to get to grips with developing a sustainability strategy based around deep system change. This is not greenwashing, this is embedding business survival into the core of your business vision. The Proxima team cut through all the noise and bring home the key message: being sustainable is simply good business.” 

Angus Swainson, Leadership Coach and Facilitator


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Tailored in-house training courses

Teaching someone to fish is always the best way when it comes to learning. We design our capability-building programmes to suit the particular needs and circumstances of different organisations. We can help you cut through the buzzwords and upskill your team to understand principles of sustainability and useful frameworks, as well as the details that are specific to your sector. Our goal is always to ensure your organisation’s focus on sustainability makes good business sense, as well as having a positive impact on the environment and society.

Our capability building sessions are interactive, engaging, and well researched to cater to your specific industry opportunities.  We can deliver using a variety of formats - face-to-face, online, and hybrid; so you choose the option that suits best. We can also develop short e-learning courses for your team.


Embark on a learning journey that puts you in control with our brand-new e-learning service.


Dive into topics related to sustainability, systems thinking, and impact at your own pace, and discover the convenience of flexible learning:

  • Flexible learning: Use technology to take control of your learning journey.  Access sustainability, systems thinking, and impact-related content at your own pace.

  • Engaging modules: Dive into our interactive online platform, offering bite-sized, engaging modules that make learning enjoyable and efficient.

  • Variety of resources: Choose from a diverse range of resources, including courses, quizzes, videos, and practical exercises tailored to your learning style and objectives.

  • Customised learning: Whether you're looking to refresh your knowledge, deepen your understanding, or apply your skills to real-world challenges, our e-learning service caters to your specific needs and goals.

  • Add-on option: Our e-learning service is available as an add-on option for existing clients and customers, adding value to and building upon our other work for you.

  • Start today: Interested in our e-learning service? Reach out to us, and our team will be delighted to assist you in embarking on your learning journey.

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