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We support leaders navigating the transition to an inclusive and thriving future.

We're a team of specialist sustainability consultants. We believe that organisations always have the opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and make a positive impact on society. 


We will work with you as a critical friend, challenging assumptions, filling knowledge gaps, building capability through collaboration, and always driving action on what matters most.


Our clients are leaders from a wide range of sectors. If you want to make a bigger difference then please get in touch for a chat.

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Tailored solutions

We take time to gain a deep understanding of what makes your organisation unique and what you're aiming to achieve.  That way we can help co-create solutions that are ideally suited to your needs.


We have years of experience working with all the different types of information and data relating to sustainability. However, the challenge is not so much about data, but how to make the best use of it.  We can even tell you how much carbon there is in your drink of choice (if you really want to know).

Shifting mindsets

We're about more than just the data. We inform new perspectives and build more understanding about the challenges and opportunities.  Our passion is to create more value and lasting change for a thriving future. 

Asking good questions

As an independent expert, we can ask the questions that challenge traditional thinking and assumptions. Being an honest friend is one of the most valuable ways we help you find new solutions towards performance that is authentically sustainable.

What our clients say

grant webster_edited

Grant Webster

 CEO thl

"I have encountered Proxima in several capacities across the tourism industry. On every occasion they have offered tremendous value with a great facilitative style, thought leadership beyond just sustainability and a very high work rate."
anna rengstedt_edited

Anna Rengstedt

Team Lead: Climate and sustainability

Tauranga City Council

"They pushed and challenged us to approach things differently, showing a depth of knowledge and thought leadership. We highly recommend Proxima for any organisation looking for a reliable and innovative partner in sustainability."
emily davies_edited

Emily Davies

Head of Corporate Affairs Sustainability

Tower Insurance

“Proxima’s consulting approach is refreshing. I really enjoy the way they work alongside us; deliberately building our knowledge and confidence, empowering us to integrate a sustainability mindset into everyday decisions.”
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